2017 – FJ The Mark of a Player

Tuesday 10th January, 2017 2:20pm

FootJoy is the overwhelming shoe choice of those who love golf– from young to old, from amateur to top professional…..

For more information and the full selection of styles and sizes, pop in and see what we have. 
Keep an eye out for our FootJoy Fitting Day.

FJ Energize – Athletic styling combined with comfort & performance.

Hyperflex II – Featuring innovative materials like the new FlexGrid 3.0 BioMorph upper, lightweight support and cushioning.

DryJoys Tour – Traditional styling with cutting edge stability,technology to ensure a perfect balance of flexibility and stability.

FreeStyle – Generate maximum power by providing greater freedom of movement through the swing.

Ladies emPOWER – Engineered specifically for women: lightweight & breathable yet waterproof and fiercely performance-based.

Ladies enJOY – A new way to make golf fun and enJoyable, a great lightweight ready to wear shoe.

Ladies mBODY – Combines leather waterproof protection with designs that will make you look and feel great on the course.

Junior FreeStyle – Offer young golfers a chance to have a great shoe, just like the men!