David Egan Ambassador

Friday 27th September, 2019 10:19am

Our Cobra Ambassador is David Egan, he currently plays the following Cobra equipment:   F9 Driver: Fuji atmos tour spec shaft F9 tour fairway: atmos tour spec shaft F9 Hybrid 17 degree: atmos shaft Cobra Black Utility no 3; AMT black steel shaft Forged Tec Irons; 5-PW, Std lie and length, Black AMT S300 shafts

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Cobra Connect Grip

Tuesday 10th September, 2019 10:15am

All cobra clubs can come with the cobra connect grip system. Once synced to a mobile device this allows a golfer to track their on course stats and improve their knowledge on distances, this can all be done after the round as the system only requires you to turn on the app at the start

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MIM Wedges

Saturday 31st August, 2019 10:13am

MIM wedges, the MIM wedge is the first to feature a fully metal injection moulded head construction. This process enables the creation of highly intricate shapes and thickness to deliver exceptional feel to the player.

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One Length

Tuesday 20th August, 2019 10:11am

Cobra also provides a one length option in their irons and hybrids. Based on Bryson Dechambeaus philosophy, the one length irons enable the golfer to use the same swing and posture with all their irons, the clubs have been weighted to deliver greater consistency to every golfer.

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Cobra F9

Thursday 25th July, 2019 10:11am

Cobra F9     The F9 driver seeks to achieve the optimisation of aerodynamics and low CG making it the fastest cobra driver ever. The speed back aero design reduces drag for optimal speed and the precision CNC milled face provides cobras’ thinnest hottest face ever. The F9 fairway is cobra first fairway to incorporate

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F8 – Where Aero Matters

Thursday 12th July, 2018 10:23am

WHERE AERO MATTERS Distance is dependant on club speed. The addition of aero trips and a more streamlined shape is important to reduce drag in areas of the swing where speed is lost. The aero trips are strategically positioned relative to the orientation of the airflow, speed, and drag through the swing to increase clubhead

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One Setup. One Swing

Tuesday 24th January, 2017 10:26am

ONE SETUP. ONE SWING. The King F7 One length irons make their debut as Cobras first ever single length iron set. The benefit is that you only need one set up for eight or nine clubs because the ball position and posture remain the same for each one as your current 7-iron, which should make

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Cobra MAX

Wednesday 20th January, 2016 10:59am

Pop by to see one of our expert members of staff today….. We have a Club Demo Package which has been designed to help you, allowing you to try any clubs on the Driving Range. The Club Demo Package comes with 10 range balls, and you can try as many clubs as you like…..additional range balls are

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Introducing the King!!

Monday 16th November, 2015 1:38pm

Defend the Throne with King Irons Technology enhanced performance. The Feel and Precision of a Tour Iron, and the Forgiveness and distance desired by all. These irons are the ultimate scoring machine.           king ltd driver Created with the best materials and finest technologies. This Driver has been designed to deliver

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