Swing DNA 3D Optimizer

Monday 26th August, 2019 9:15am

Mizuno’s Swing DNA 3D Optimizer Mizuno’s new and improved Swing DNA 3D optimizer looks at how the golfer move the shaft during the golf swing. The fitter will ask you to hit 3 shot’s and the digital optimizer will upload your results into the DNA software. The software will then rank every available shaft from

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ST190 Driver

Sunday 11th August, 2019 9:09am

ST190 Driver range The Mizuno ST190 combines every known factor to deliver ball speed and driving distance – aligned with our lowest ever spin rates. Mizuno’s ultra-fast Forged SP700 Ti face is enhanced with a lighter CORTECH structure for consistently higher ball speeds. The ST190 is the more forgiving of the two drivers available with

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JPX 919 Forged & Tour

Friday 26th July, 2019 8:51am

JPX 919 Forged The JPX919 Forged is Mizuno’s fastest ever forging iron for measured ball speed. With trademark workability and elevated feedback, the Forged is Mizuno’s most versatile iron. In the hands of a tour player searching a distance equalizer or an amateur wanting to evolve their game – the 919 Forged delivers on every

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JPX 919 Hot Metal & Hot Metal Pro

Thursday 11th July, 2019 8:50am

JPX 919 Hot Metal and Hot Metal Pro A benchmark in iron design, the JPX919 Hot Metal contains an incredible blend of launch speed and soft, controllable landing angles. The use of high strength Chromoly and seamless cup face construction produces the highest ball speed from any Mizuno iron ever created. The JPX919 Hot Metal

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JPX 900 – Mizuno

Thursday 12th January, 2017 3:22pm

                Mizuno’s newest material Chomoly 4140M – is introduced in the JPX900 Hot Metal, which combines offensive ball speeds with the adjustability of a forged iron. The secret to this groundbreaking new material is its versatility, which not only paves the way to Mizuno’s thinnest ever cup face

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Walk in the footsteps of legends with a custom iron set

Friday 7th October, 2016 12:43pm

Introducing the JPX 900 Tour, Forged & Hot Metal Mizuno have a new JPX family which means a set of Mizuno irons will suit your game, The Hot Metal range, is made from chromoly which results in faster ball speeds giving you more distance. The Forged range is made from Boron, suitable for the low

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The distance iron with feel

Saturday 23rd January, 2016 3:42pm

The JPX EZ is a ‘point and shoot’ iron with launch monitor busting ball speeds – It’s also engineered to be the best feeling and most balanced within its class.     Pop by to see one of our expert members of staff today…..We have a Club Demo Package which has been designed to help you, allowing you

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Nothing feels like a Mizuno

Monday 16th November, 2015 2:26pm

Pop by to see one of our expert members of staff today…..We have a Club Demo Package which has been designed to help you, allowing you to try any clubs on the Driving Range. The Club Demo Package comes with 10 range balls, and you can try as many clubs as you like…..additional range balls are available

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