Trackman 4 at Portsmouth Golf Centre

Thursday 7th September, 2017 3:47pm

At Portsmouth Golf Centre we are always striving to improve the experience we offer to our customers, to further enhance this we have invested in two new Trackman 4 launch monitors, Trackman 4 has dual radar technology, one radar tracking the ball and one radar tracking the movement of the club as well as having an integrated camera system.

We now have a new Trackman 4 in both the Custom fit studio and Teaching studio. You will be able to see information related to your ball flight, such as ball speed, smash factor, spin rate and carry distance. You will also be able to see information related to your swing such as; angle of attack, club path, swing direction and spin loft.

The optimiser feature will allow us to show where you could gain that bit more distance and what elements of your swing or club characteristic could be changed to improve your golf.

Whether you are getting fit for the latest driver or having a lesson with one of our pros you will now be able to receive an interactive report of your session, showing you illustrative and statistical information about the shots you have hit.

The Trackman combine test also offers you the chance to test your skills and match them up to other trackman users and tour pros around the world.

An exciting new innovation for Trackman and Portsmouth Golf Centre is the Performance Putting feature of the Trackman 4. This feature measures various information such as; Skid distance, roll percentage, launch direction, break, effective stimp and more.

The integrated video system together with the statistical information will give you accurate tangible information about your stroke and putter choice. This new technology will greatly improve your custom fitting and lesson experience with us.

For information on booking a Custom Fit or a Lesson, you can contact us on 02392 664549.