Titleist - Always bring your best

March 7, 2022
Titleist Always Bring Your Best

Titleist #1 Ball in Golf

The 2022 PRO V1 & PRO V1x both feature the new aerodynamic cover, casing layer and core technologies that allows you total performance to help shoot lower scores.

  • Softer UrethaneElastomer cover to increase Greenside Spin and Control

  • Fasting Casing Layer Adds Speed and Lowers Long Game Spin

  • PROV1 features a new SPHERICALLY-Tiled 388 dimple design to help deliver a penetrating and consistent flight.

  • PROV1x features a new SPHERICALLY-Tiled 348 dimple design to help deliver a high and consistent flight.

We have the full range of the Pro V1 Family including the PRO V1, PRO V1x, PRO V1 Align, PROV1x Left Dash and AVX.