One Setup. One Swing

Tuesday 24th January, 2017 10:26am


The King F7 One length irons make their debut as Cobras first ever single length iron set.

The benefit is that you only need one set up for eight or nine clubs because the ball position and posture remain the same for each one as your current 7-iron, which should make the game easier to learn, practice and play.

The end result a simpler easier way to play.

Every player has their favorite club and for many, it’s a 7-iron. With COBRA’s One Length irons, you will find new confidence in your game, allowing you to play any iron in the bag as if it were your trusty 7-iron.

  • One swing for all of your shots
  • Long irons for more consistent distance
  • Tighter shot dispersion on approach
  • Short game accuracy improvement

The Cobra King F7 One Length, is fully custom fitable, come down and try the new devolpment in golf technology, see if the ‘ONE’ can improve your game. Book in for a 60 minute appointment which is perfect for a new set of irons, and costs £30 again with half refunded against an order.