Callaway: A Model Of Epic Proportions?

Friday 10th March, 2017 9:20am
Callaway: A Model Of Epic Proportions?

Do the new Callaway Epic and Epic Sub Zero drivers live up to the anticipation? We caught up with our Callaway Ambassador James Moore to find out more:

“Hello fellow golfers! I’m very excited to be reviewing the new Callaway Epic and Epic Sub Zero drivers for you this month – the name itself gives a feel of excitement and sets a benchmark in technology that Callaway are proud of producing.

The biggest innovation here surely has to be the new ‘jailbreak’ technology – casting two 3-gram bars into the head of the driver to connect to both the crown and the sole of the club. This makes the head stiffen and allows the club-face to flex, creating significant ball speed increases and potential distance gains.

The new Epic driver head an improved exocage construction, which combines a triaxial carbon sole and crown. The carbon-infused material really allows the club designers to reposition weight into other parts of the driver to help improve forgiveness, and allows the club to influence the shot shape. A new 17-gram weight track has been added which adds a confidence onto the driver – a great addition for me personally, as it helped fine-tune my slight hook into a more desired draw.

The Callaway Sub Zero Epic has a lovely tour-inspired look: slightly deeper in the face and open at address. It’s a much lower spinning driver but definitely doesn’t sacrifice distance.

The Sub Zero Epic is designed for players that need less spin but swing more aggressively – which is probably why Rory Mcilroy and 80% of tour pros use the driver. Personally, I use the standard Epic driver, as it gives me a more moderate swing speed and my playing style means I require more spin than the Sub Zero Head would give me.

Another main difference between the two drivers is the 12-gram and 2-gram moveable weights on the Sub Zero that can be alternated between two positions: front and back. This helps change launch and spin conditions – although sadly neither have got me quite to the 300-yard marker yet. 

Callaway’s shaft offering this year is great – the manufacturer have focused on offering different weight categories, from between 50 and 70-grams. There’s an abundance of hot new shaft offerings from companies such as Project X, Fukikura and Aldila. All of these options really give players the opportunity to get the most from the model. I went for a 60-gram yellow Project X HZRDUS shaft (which I’m sure may earn me a new nickname!) but it did increase my carry up to 252 yards, which is a personal best. 

The Callaway Epic driver doesn’t disappoint, and it’s been one of my favourite products to test. It has everything: the story, the product, the distance, forgiveness and technology. At address, the driver looks great and easy to use and it’s my prediction that the Epic driver will be one of the hottest must-haves in 2017.

The driver definitely needs to be custom-fitted to take advantage of all the technology it has to offer, and to find out which driver head is suited to you, and then fine tune the settings with help from myself or the custom fit team.”

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