Harry Taylor talks about his upgrade

Wednesday 28th March, 2018 10:45am
Harry Taylor talks about his upgrade

I have been lucky enough to be the Titleist ambassador for Portsmouth Golf Centre for the last 2 years,  I look after the Titliest account, making sure we have current product and good stock levels…But the best bit, I get to use all Titleist equipment from putter through to driver.

Last year I played the 716CB Iron, but this year I have upgraded to the 718MB…The results are slight but just enough to make it a game changer for me.

My goal when changing equipment was to lower my ball flight and improve my grouping in terms of accuracy and distance. Using Trackman 4 and Titleist’s range of fitting shafts, I spent some time in our custom fit studio, testing different shafts and heads to see which I felt gave me the improvement i wanted. I found the 718 MB clubhead suited my eye at address in terms of look, which inspires confidence when playing but it also felt good off the face. Changing from 716CB to 718MB has made no significant difference in distance, but helped lower my ball flight and made my grouping more consistant (as shown by the trackman data below red being 718MB). I now use 718MB 5-PW and have the 718 T-MB long iron replacements.

When changing equipment, just remember its not always about gaining more distance. It can also be down to look, feel, accuracy and overall performance.

If the 718MB model isn’t for you I would recommend trying the 718 AP series of irons. 718 AP3 has been added to the iron range this year and has already been very popular. Looking similar to AP2 but having forgiveness similar to AP1 it certainly is worth a try.


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