Iron Power: The Mizuno JPX 900 by Lee Nother

Wednesday 15th March, 2017 9:26am
Iron Power: The Mizuno JPX 900 by Lee Nother

With over 15-years playing experience with Mizuno irons, our Mizuno Ambassador Lee Nother wase intrigued to see if the new JPX 900 series would live up to their anticipation. Putting them to test, Lee was eager to see what results the new clubs would yield……Read more to find out how he got on:

Mizuno has always been renowned for producing a range of great forged-irons that can adapt to suit a variety of golfers without ever compromising on look or feel, and the new JPX 900 Hot Metal is no exception.

Designed for the mid-to-high handicap golfer, this iron is ideal for any player who is looking for more distance and forgiveness from a traditional looking iron. Through the use of a new material, Chromoly, Mizuno have been able to offer their thinnest-face ever – resulting in faster ball speeds across the whole set.

During testing Lee noticed an increase in carry distance with a 6-iron from a range of shots, compared to his current MP15’s – making the 900 Hot metal certainly worth a try this season. 

The JPX 900 forged and tour models were the irons Lee was most eager to get hisr hands on! When comparing to existing irons there was a considerable difference in forgiveness, with the JPX 900 performing noticeably better. One suprise however lay in the look and feel of the Tour iron, which was very similar to Mizuno’s existing MP line.

Testing both the forged and tour models, a combination set seemed a natural choice; the forgiveness in the longer irons assists any players’ game without compromising the look, feel and distance control experienced by shorter irons.

Mizuno’s comprehensive fitting system D.N.A allows all golfers to be fitted precisely to ensure they receive the best results possible. With 40 Free Of Charge upgradable shafts available, it’s certainly worth trying each model when being fitted. Whether graphite or steel, the cost-per-iron remains the same, with Mizuno strategically taking the view that golfers should be persuaded by performance rather than price – a view that the golfing world has greeted positively.

For more information on the new JPX 900 irons, or to book an appointment to be fitted, please give us a call on 02932664549.


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