Rainy Days.

Thursday 25th January, 2018 10:01am
Rainy Days.

There is no such thing as Bad Weather, just Smart Swede’s!

Poor weather conditions are all too familiar with golfers in the UK. Swedish based Galvin Green’s latest addition, the new Gore-Tex C-Knit, utilizes revolutionary new Gore-Tex waterproof technology that guarantees to keep you dry in any downpour. Our team finally got their hands on the kit – here’s what they had to say:

“In a desire to always be investing in the newest kit, clubs and trolleys, golf clothing can often be overlooked. However, as players who have been at the mercy of far too many English showers, we know the importance in investing in some solid waterproof kit.

Galvin Green have come through with their latest waterproof line, the C-Knit, which was debuted by the European Ryder Cup team last year…..and one thing that will be sure to fill all golfers with excitement is the fact that this material is unique in the world of golf.

Exclusively licenced to Galvin Green, the C-Knit line has undergone rigorous testing on course over the past six years. Five Gore-Tex membranes were trialled before Galvin Green settled on Gore’s C-knit. The material is the lightest 3-layer stretch fabric ever produced by Gore, meaning you receive all the benefits of protection without comprising through bulkiness.

Spring will see the introduction of 3 additional products – two jackets and a pair of trousers that will no doubt become a staple piece of our team’s outfit this season.

Both the Argon full zip jacket and Aldrin half zip jacket come in three distinct colours whilst the trouser, Arn, is available in a striking iron grey, with white contrast details. The apparel has a great aesthetic –  Galvin Green have always had a ‘premium’ appeal, and the new C-Knit is no exception.

The ‘slide and glide’ inner membrane makes for a much softer and quieter product than we’ve be used to – and gives a super smooth hand feel. Rubberised cuffs adorned with zips grant easy access and an improved adjustment that we used to achieve some great performance.

What the product achieves in fashion though it surpasses in function. The Gore-Text ‘guaranteed to keep you dry’ warranty means that the product is a reliable investment for full weather protection in seasons to come. 

An ergonomic neoprene collar improves comfort and fix, whilst ensuring waterproof protection around the neck is maximised. Wearing the jacket we could tell what a difference this would make – comfort can go a long way out on the course when you’re exposed to poor conditions.

Testing the jackets was a delight and, for once, we almost want it to rain to see the benefits! Coupled with the FootJoy Wintersof gloves, on course performance need never be a worry again, no matter what the conditions.”


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