Summer Players Are Made In Winter by Simon Andrews

Thursday 25th January, 2018 10:00am
Summer Players Are Made In Winter by Simon Andrews

A new season approaches! There’s still time to perfect your golf swing – make the most of this time and start your 2018  like a Tour Pro with some helpful tips from our qualified PGA instructors.

#1 Test, test and test!

A new season means a new series. Manufacturers clamor to release new products and ranges at this time of year. Reviewing your current clubs and test driving some of the latest products could throw up many opportunities for extra distance, further accuracy and improved scores all round.

#2 Yardages

Do you know your yardages? With the season fast approaching it’s time to learn! Many players will have purchased new equipment through the winter, without taking the time to learn how far to hit each club. Take advantage of a gapping session using our Flightscope technology – by the end of the session you’ll be equipped with a full list of carry distances for your clubs, resulting in closer and more consistent shots. 

#3 Measuring

Knowing how far you can hit with your clubs is one thing, but do you know how far away you are from the target? If you’re not using a gps device or a laser, you’re probably giving an advantage to your opponents. There are a host of products by manufacturers including Bushnell Golf, Garmin and Tom Tom which can measure your distance. Using one of these devices can improve your accuracy and dispersion – raising your game considerably.

#4 Practice Makes Perfect

How well do you practice? Here at Portsmouth Golf Centre we have a fantastic range with a huge amount of targets. Start by breaking your practice session into three parts. Part one, also known as block practice, is about perfecting your technique. Use this time to drill-in any movements you may be working on. 

Part two will see you change clubs each shot, aiming for different targets around the range. This style of training is known as ‘random’, and provides a much closer simulation of a game. Part three is known as a ‘skill test’. This final part adds some pressure into your session. Aim at a target and imagine a marker either side to replicate a green hit. Take five shots and record your score! Make sure to keep a note, and use this to track your progress against each target in future sessions.


For more information on correct practice, or to book a lesson with one of our coaches, contact us here.


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