Portsmouth Golf Centre get on their bikes!

Wednesday 26th June, 2013 11:44am

So every sportsman likes to stay fit and heathly. One hobby which most of our staff have in common (apart from golf) is cycling. And on Monday night Jon, Lee, Tim and Tom from the team went out for a nice easy ride with Darren (Nickys hubby) and Kirky who is a member of the i-team cycling club with Jon. Jon is an established rider with Kirky, so they took Lee, Tim, Tom & Darren under their wing for an easy ride through Rowlands Castle to West Marden in a 16 mile route…. Easy in Jon and Kirky’s eyes but the rest of the lads didnt agree!!! The best bit was the pit stop at The Fox and Hound pub for a well earned pint, before heading home.

Well done lads and keep up the cycling and maybe one day you will see one of them in the Tour De France (wishful thinking)