Pro Agenda- Booking with us just got easy

Friday 2nd September, 2016 1:20pm


We have recently installed a new booking system called Proagenda. When booking an appointment here at the golf centre you will receive an invitation to create your own profile. Once you have registered you can enjoy the following benefits:

• Book a lesson online with your Professional
• Receive a confirmation e-mail with the day and time of your lesson as well as a reminder shortly before the lesson
• Send your professional messages regarding lessons
• Receive and send video clips related to your lessons
• All previous clips stored on your profile & in ‘the cloud’
• Download the Proagenda app for free, to do all of the above ‘on the go’

We believe that by registering and downloading the app, you can enhance your lesson experience with us at Portsmouth Golf Centre.

To register with PROaGENDA Click here

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