The C2

Friday 30th June, 2017 1:01pm

The all new, lightweight, ultra-compact PowaKaddy C2 has an innovative simple-2-fold™ system that allows the trolley to be set up and packed away in just two simple folds.

The soft touch handle height adjusts to fit you perfectly and the integrated grip makes it easy to carry.

The full colour widescreen display features a Digital Power Gauge, Battery Fuel Indicator and the Automatic Distance Function (ADF) feature allows the trolley to be sent distances of 15, 30 and 45 yards.

The built- in compartment is handy for balls, tees, pencils and houses a scorecard holder whilst the USB charging port is ideal for powering up your smartphone or GPS device.

The new 2017 FW7s GPS is the world’s most advanced electric golf trolley with fully integrated GPS.

Delivering fast accurate distances to greens and hazards on over 30,000 courses worldwide.

All built into a super-intelligent handle requiring no phone signal or external devices to manage your game.