TopTracer – Features

Monday 30th July, 2018 3:31pm

Entertainment feature ‘Long Drive’. Grab your Driver and strike the ball with everything you have! The game is not just about Distance, but also about accuracy, if you hit outside the lines of the screen, which will put you Out of Bounds your drive wont count. This feature is available to play on your own or with 3 other people. So grab your mates and see who is the longest and most accurate out of you all.






Entertainment feature ‘Virtual Golf’, Pick an exclusive course to play from our driving range!  You can play 6, 9, 12 or 18 Holes with 6 Free virtual golf courses to choose from, these are already on our TopTracer screens, including Bro Hof Golf Club in Sweden. You can play as a single player, or challenge up to 3 of your friends to a round of golf. To ‘Putt Out’ on virtual golf all you have to do is chip into the target you select, and get as close to the pin as possible.






Entertainment feature ‘Points Game’, So why not see how many points you can rack up!  This is all about accuracy, land the ball as close to the targets and see the points add up. You can play it safe with the nearby targets or go for broke and aim further out. If your playing with more than one player, you can keep your mates on your toes with the special bonus ring which will give you extra points and rebalance the the board in your favour.






Entertainment feature ‘Closest to the Pin’ which is possibly the most popular in the entertainment feature as we have a Portsmouth Golf Centre Leaderboard, which is on a screen by the range ball machine. However once you have signed up for the App, not only will you compete with our range users it will also log onto the global leaderboard. Of course you can use this feature without having the app. Closest to the Pin is a 147 yard par 3. This can be played on your own or with up to 4 players, Every turn gives you 3 attempts to get nearest to the pin, and its not been done yet, but a Hole in One is even possible! We have a Weekly, Monthly and annual leaderboard to see how you perform against the rest of the world.






Whats in my bag is a great tool to get to know how each of your clubs in your bag perform. We would recommend downloading the TopTracer Range App if you would like to use this feature, as when you have a Profile, selecting whats in my bag will then save all the data to your smartphone. Once you have selected which club you will be able to enjoy the heat map of landing positions, side and top views of flight, plus observe your consistancy and get detailed information about every club in your bag. This includes, distance, carry, launch angle, spin, flat carry and curve of the ball.




This is the best feature to use if you would like to just practise like you always do, except adding the value of knowing exactly where and what the ball is doing. You will get all the information about your shots, each shot you hit will display on the screen with detailed flight statistics which will help you improve your game. You will get total distance, Carry, Ball Speed, Flat Carry and height.