Custom Fitting

One of the most exciting developments has been the availability of Custom-Fitted golf clubs, and the technology available to support it.

In over 99% of sales, Custom Fit golf clubs cost no more than a set off the shelf, but are built by the manufacturer to specifications that are most likely to optimise your performance and enjoyment.

We constantly update the demo clubs and the technology available, to be in a position to advise you on the brand and specification of club best suited to you. To ensure you have the most accurate custom fitting experience we use Trackman alongside the Authorised Fitting Centre Carts provided by the suppliers.

We are an Authorised Fitting Centre for:

Ping, Callaway, Nike, Mizuno, Wilson, Yonex, Taylormade, Titleist and Cobra

To ensure the most accurate data for your Custom Fit experience, we use Nike RZN Black tour quality golf ball, as used by Rory Mcllroy and Callaway Supersoft tour quailty golf ball.

The Flightscope launch monitor measures your Swing Speed, Distances and Golf ball launch angles With all this information we can demonstrate to you which equipment is delivering you the best results in terms of distance and consistency.

We offer three Custom Fitting options; a 40 minute appointment, a 60 minute appointment and an 80 minute appointment.

The 40 minute appointment is ideal for a new Driver, Hybrid or a wedge fitting and costs £20 with half refunded against the purchase price should you decide to place an order.

The 60 minute appointment is perfect for a new set of irons, and costs £30 again with half refunded against an order.

The 80 minute appointment is designed to allow time for a set of irons and wedges/hybrids to be fitted, perhaps a more relaxed experience if you want to look at multiple clubs…again, half the fit fee is refunded against a purchase should you decide to place an order.

A 60 Minute Putter fitting with Zenio.  Zenio is a new fitting and training system which give you immediate and accurate data on your putting. It is as small as a matchbox, weighs 29grams and attaches to any putter. The Zenio has sensor which measures the key parameters of the putting stroke such as; Impact location, rhythm of the stroke and how much the putter rotates (open/close) during the stroke. With this data we are then able to accurately fit you for length, lie, loft and type of putter best suited to your stroke. £30 with 50% refunded if you purchase a new Putter.

To book an appointment, please ring us on 02392 664549 or use our on-line booking ‘button’ below.

Club Demo Package

We have most of the leading brands of clubs in stock which you may wish to try on the golf range prior to making a decision to buy. Our Club Demo Package has been designed to help you, allowing you to try any clubs on the Driving Range. The Club Demo Package comes with 10 range balls, and you can try as many clubs as you like…..additional range balls are available at our normal rates. We will need a security deposit, and if you decide to make a purchase within 14 days, we refund the £5 demo fee against the purchase, or against a Custom Fit appointment.