Get started in Golf

Try it, Like It, Play it, Buy It, Work at it!

Everything to help you get into the amazing game of Golf!

Try It!

The first thing we would recommend anyone who is looking into golf, is to try it! You dont need to bring anything with you to give golf a go for the first time. Visiting our driving range is the perfect first step.

What do you need? Nothing (yet) Just yourself, some flat shoes or trainers - no 'Golfers' dress code required!

You can book a bay using the link below. £14 for one person, £18 for up to 3 people. This includes club hire and unlimited range balls for 55 Minutes. Not sure you want to book? You can come down and purchase balls by the bucket from £6.50 (50 Balls, 75 Balls or 100 Balls) plus club hire from £5.

Like It?

Now get some expert advice from one of our PGA Professionals. We have 5 Coaches here you can book with to learn the fundamentals of golf. From holding the club correctly to building your swing. Our coaches can tailor a swing to you, the better you get at golf the more you can enjoy it!

Play It!

The driving range is a great way to enjoy and experience golf, but don't be afraid to get out on a golf course, it's why we love the game! You can hire clubs for the course, if you haven't got any yet. If playing an 18 Hole course is daunting, there are plenty of great 'pitch and putts' and 9 hole courses in hampshire you can play.

Buy It!

When you catch the golfing bug it's time to get your own equipment. We provide a range of options including; single irons, package sets and custom fit clubs. As well as golf clubs we stock a wide range of equipment including; apparel, golf balls, shoes and accessories. Come down and speak to one of our specialist members of staff. If you are already having lessons, your coach would be a great person to ask to help you get started.

Work at it!

We know that not everyone wants to here this, But you won't get better without putting the practice in!

Get yourself on the driving range as well as out on the golf course, get some lessons booked in regularly with a coach. And before you know it, things will start to fall into place.

Plus, what makes being a golfer great (for everyone who knows you) Gift Cards make the perfect gift for everyone who loves golf!

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