Custom Fitting at Portsmouth Golf Centre

December 15, 2023
Custom Fit Bag

Where to start?

Questions we often here are; what benefits there are to custom fit? Or ‘I don’t know if I am good enough for custom fit? In our experience everyone from the complete novice to an elite player can and will benefit from fitted clubs. Once you have decided to go ahead we can book you in for an appointment, the length of which will depend on the what type of club you are interested in, for example we recommend a 90 minute session for irons.

What Happens during an appointment?

We believe the most important part of the process is our team, one of our highly experienced and qualified staff is on hand to guide you through the session. Some players have a good idea of what they want and others have no idea (there’s a lot of choice!).

The Start

We will ask you plenty of questions on what you are looking for in terms of the performance of the club and what you want it too look like. We will also suggest models that could be suitable that you might not have thought of.


Once we have come up with some options the testing can begin! The golfer will hit shots with the desired or recommended clubs. As well as getting your feedback to how the club performed we will give you technical feedback from launch monitor data. This data could include; distance, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, dispersion, landing angle and any other relevant data specific for the player. We know that the quality of this data is important, we use the latest trackman technology which has a dual radar to give accurate information as well as using premium golf balls. We strongly believe that the visual and audio feedback you get when seeing the full ball flight outdoors is of huge importance when choosing your clubs.


The spec of the club is important and there are many options available, nearly all are included in the normal sale price. This is refined during the testing period and then concluded when a decision has been made on the head model.

Lie angle (Irons): Lie angle can affect the quality of the contact with the ground as well as the starting direction of the ball.

Length: The length of the club will be dictated by the players height, stance, and length of arms as preference

Shaft: The type of shaft in terms of flex, material and weight is vital to maximise the players chances of delivering the head. There are various options with every brand, getting this correct can improve consistency, launch angle, dispersion, and feel.

Grip: The size of grip required is obviously dependant on the players hand size and can help optimise the players control of the club

Loft and Adjustability (Drivers and Fairways)  A vital part of the specification in driver and fairways to maximise distance and accuracy.

Set Combination

When a model and specification have been determined it is important to establish what clubs will be selected. This could include set make up in terms of what the longest iron will be or what wedges (we also do a wedge specific fit) will be included as well as possible requirements with hybrids and fairways.

Where do the clubs come from?

Once you have confirmed the clubs you want to order we order the clubs from the specific manufacturer where they are built and then returned to us for you to collect. With Drivers and fairways we often have the clubs in stock, irons are almost always ordered. This typically takes 10 working days but is dependent on stock availability.

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