Fitzpatrick trusts Pro V1x to claim victory in St Andrews

October 10, 2023
Matt Fitzpatrick

DP WORLD TOUR | Alfred Dunhill Links Championship

In complete control of his Titleist golf ball, Matt Fitzpatrick (Pro V1x)  closed out with a final round 66 in St Andrews to win his 9th DP World Tour title.

The 2022 U.S. Open champion started the third and final round in the shortened event with a one-shot lead over the chasing pack. After making birdie on his first hole, Fitzpatrick never looked back making eight birdies around the Old Course to win the event for the first time.

The week was made even more special for Fitzpatrick after also winning the Team event alongside his mother, Susan, to make it a double win in Scotland.

Having started the week 60th in the Race to Dubai standings, Fitzpatrick moves up to 11th, guaranteeing a spot at the season's grand finale event in Dubai.

– Of the top 13 finishers, 10 trusted a Titleist golf ball – including the 3 of the Top 4.

FITZPATRICK ON THE PERFORMANCE OF HIS PRO V1X : “There’s obviously so many different variables with a golf ball. I’ve always been kind of a lower flight player but I am kind of high spin so that’s where I feel like my game is at with the golf ball. To be able to rely on the golf ball and know that it’s gonna do what I want it to do – have a consistent flight, consistent spin with every shot that I hit – that’s so important. Having that ability to know what your ball is going to do rather than second guessing makes a hell of a difference and obviously makes you more comfortable. And from there you’re gonna hit better golf shots. I love the golf ball that I’m in, it just works perfectly for my game.

“The reason [Pro V1x] is so good for me is feel, I like the harder feel off the club face. I just feel like the spin’s consistent, the flight’s consistent, and that’s what you need in a golf ball. You don’t need it kind of in different windows. It’s nice to have that consistency to have the confidence in the golf ball to know how far it’s going to go every time, and to be within a really tight deviation is obviously so important. This is a game of inches after all, the margins are so fine you want it to be as tight as possible. So that’s why I play Pro V1x because it’s exactly that, you know what you’re going to get every shot and you don’t get any strange effects from shots.

You just know, hitting other golf balls, that as soon as you’ve hit it, it doesn’t have the same effect. I’ve messed around with balls on the range when they’ve been mixed into the Pro V1x bag that I always go to grab, and they just get funky flights. I don’t know how you can play golf with that, to be honest, and not knowing what you’re going to get from shot to shot.

“I feel like, for me, the firmer the ball is, the more I can control the spin. That’s always nice for me (with Pro V1x), knowing that I can increase spin, and take spin off it. That’s been the big thing. I know for a fact I can flight the ball easy, much easier, up and down, with the ball that I use.

“I’ve been Pro V1x ever since I was probably about 15. It was always the best ball. There was never anything else for me growing up, to be honest. That’s all I’ve ever known.”


The Champion of the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship was also gaming a Titleist TSi3 9.0 driver and three  Vokey Design wedges. After having played three different driver brands in 2020, it was at the DP World Tour Championship that year where he worked with Titleist Tour Rep Liam McDougall to put all of them head-to-head during a rigorous testing session. He’s had the TSi3 in the bag ever since, using it to earn his first major victory at the 2022 U.S. Open

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