Putter Assessments at Portsmouth Golf Centre

March 7, 2022
Sik Putters Portsmouth

At Portsmouth golf centre we can custom fit any club in your set including the putter. During a putter assessment we can advise you on what head shape will best suit you. This can be based on a variety of different factors including; alignment, feel and preference. We have a Huxley all weather synthetic putting green that gives a consistent roll all year round.

Although certain putters promote different swing styles there is no one formula to establish the right putter. The process starts using different putter types, ‘neck’ designs and grip types which all contribute to finding a putter to best suit your stroke. We use Trackman 4 where appropriate to analyse information such as face, path, smash factor, angle of attack and launch direction. We also use some of the Visio training aids such as a laser, alignment T and aim board. Video is also a useful tool in learning more about your stroke.

Sometimes it is not possible to order a putter in a particular lie angle or length. SIK putters are an exception to this in that we can custom fit the club to order, there are a selection of different head styles and types which can be fully customised in terms of; head finish, neck style, length, lie angle, grip type, shaft type/finish. Bryson Dechambeau uses a SIK putter and specifically the Armlock option which you can try, however conventional length and design are fully available.

As well as the quality of the components used, SIK putters are known for there Descending Loft Technology, the face of each putter has different lofts at different points on the face to match someone’s individual angle of attack and produce as consistent roll off the face as possible.

Putter assessment's/fittings are £40 for 60 Minutes with one of our PGA Professional's available 7 days a week on our Huxley Putting Green, and we give 50% of the fitting fee back if you decide to make a purchase.

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Sik Putters are the creators of the PATENTED Descending Loft Technology™. DLT works to launch the golf ball at a consistent angle which in turn leads to the most consistent distance control of any putter on the market.

Sik putters are proven winners on the PGA Tour.

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