Which Wedge is for you?

July 22, 2022

Pitching Wedge, Gap Wedge, Sand wedge Lob wedge

The primary difference between wedges is the degree of loft each wedge has. The trajectory of the ball when correctly struck is determined by the loft the golf club. The higher the degree of loft, the faster the golf ball travels into the air. We stock a great variety of wedges from all the top brands.

  1. Titleist SM9 range has an enormous variety of different lofts and grinds that allows you to select the perfect wedge for your ability, play style and the course conditions that are most prevalent in your area. £159
  1. TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Golf Wedge benefits from their ZTP Raw Groove Design which means the grooves are deeper, shaper and narrower and have been optimised to afford the golfer enhanced greenside spin in dry conditions and optimal spin in wetter conditions. £139
  1. Cobra SB groove design has been engineered to maximise spin and give your pitches more bite when they land on the green allowing you to be more aggressive with your approach work. £109
  1. Mizuno T22 Golf Wedges combine an incredibly soft feel with a classic finish and provides aggressive bite and spin like no other wedge. With distinctly classic Mizuno styling and Quad Cut Laser Etched groove technology you will be able to produce spin control and unmatched shot-making around the greens. £159
  1. Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedge has Ultizip grooves, using a special heat treatment process the grooves will remain sharper for longer, thereby giving the wedges much more longevity. The grooves are both deeper and closer together than on previous models which has allowed them to put an extra two grooves on the face. This wedge is the one, if your looking for spin! £129
  1. Cleveland CBX Wedges Feature a hollow cavity design the CBX Zipcore wedge has a weight in the tow with a hollow chamber near to the heel which makes this a wonderfully balanced wedge that offers a superb level of forgiveness regardless of where on the face the ball is struck. £129
  1. PING Glide 4 Wedges feature a precision-machined face and precision-milled grooves with a new textured face blast increasing both spin & control. The Emery Face blast provides extra texture on the club face itself, creating higher levels of friction and increasing the amount of interaction between the club face and ball. This allows the golfer to fire low spinning wedge shots aggressively at the pin, all in the knowledge that the Glide 4 wedge will provide the ultimate stopping power. £139
  1. Callaway Jaws RAW Wedges feature the most aggressive, razor sharp grooves in golf, Callaway have removed the plating on the face which allows for rusting over time in the scoring zone, while maintaining a premium look throughout the rest of the club head. Removing the plating enables a more direct connection between ball and the face at impact. £159 (Pre Order)

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